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Five things that might surprise you about for the Children’s Art Amount

By | Oct-31-2014

The Children’s Art Amount helps Canadian parents alleviate some of the costs associated with extracurricular activities. Programs that encourage a child’s ability to acquire and apply knowledge in the pursuit of artistic or cultural activity are eligible for the Amount, but many parents are unaware of just how broad that definition is. Here are five […]

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Harper government announces tax changes for families

By | Oct-30-2014

The Harper government recently announced a package of tax changes for families that will include a limited form of income splitting for couples with children, the replacement of the child amount with enhanced UCCB benefits, and increased claims for childcare expenses. The changes to income splitting will be in effect for the 2014 tax season, […]

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How to ensure your child makes the most of school

By | Oct-29-2014

Parents want their children to succeed and education is a fundamental part of success. But it can become detrimental to their future achievements when a child begins to struggle in school. Also, the truth is that kids don’t always ask for help when they begin to have a tough time. They may be embarrassed, worried […]

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