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Budgeting tips you can bank on

By | Jul-25-2014

If you’re like many people, budgets work a lot better in theory than in practice. They look so reasonable and manageable on paper—but then something unexpected happens. If you have faced this dilemma, you are not alone. While we can’t manage your money for you, we have some tips to help you stick to your […]

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How to maximize your wedding budget as a guest

By | Jul-24-2014

It’s summer again, which means its wedding season. While most of us are thrilled to help our friends and family to celebrate finding love, weddings can be a financial strain on everyone involved—including guests who often have to attend several in a short timeframe. Surviving wedding season on a budget is difficult but not impossible. […]

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Dodging the taxman seems to be the Canadian way

By | Jul-23-2014

If you pay cash to avoid sales tax, you are not alone. According to a survey conducted by Leger for H&R Block Canada, 53 percent of Canadians admitted they would pay cash to duck the taxman even though the majority acknowledged it was wrong. But that feeling doesn’t reflect a change of attitude. When we […]

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