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You want to claim what? Unbelievable tax deductions

By | Apr-23-2014

If you have a slightly audacious tax claim you want to make, it may be a good idea to go ahead and try. The Canada Revenue Agency may say no, of course, but some Canadians have come up with startling justifications for tax deductions that have actually been approved. Additional food needed by couriers: The […]

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Do I really need to file a tax return?

By | Apr-22-2014

The tax deadline is coming. If you’re wondering whether you must file a tax return, the simple answer is probably yes. Technically, if you are expecting a refund and none of the conditions below apply to you, you do not need to file a return, but why would you want to let the government keep […]

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Operating a dayhome requires a few extra calculations

By | Apr-18-2014

With many parents looking for child-care options, starting a daycare in your home may be a good business opportunity. But things can get complicated at tax time, since business and personal expenses often become intertwined.

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