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Operating a dayhome requires a few extra calculations

By | Apr-18-2014

With many parents looking for child-care options, starting a daycare in your home may be a good business opportunity. But things can get complicated at tax time, since business and personal expenses often become intertwined.

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PST is back in BC. And so is the BC Sales Tax Credit

By | Apr-16-2014

For years, residents of British Columbia could look forward to receiving the B.C. Sales Tax Credit when they filed their income tax return— even if they had no income to report. In 2010, the HST was introduced and the credit was replaced by the B.C. HST credit. The credit amount was incorporated into the quarterly […]

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Why did the CRA request extra information?

By | Apr-14-2014

Canadians can access approximately 400 credits and deductions. Identifying as many as you can, and retaining the corresponding paperwork, is important to maximizing your tax refund or in minimizing your tax owing. But all credits aren’t created equal. Some are more likely to be reviewed than others. Don’t panic. A review is not an audit. […]

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