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Filing Taxes for a Senior? 7 things You Can do to Maximize Their Return

Posted November 29th 2016

Whether you’re caring for your aging parents or just helping them with their taxes, here are some tips to keep in mind so you can both get the most back when you file your taxes. 1. Make sure they file a tax return: Sounds simple, but some folks think that if they didn’t earn an […]

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This is one of the Most Commonly Missed Tax Credits. Can You Claim it?

Posted November 25th 2016

Your parents worked hard to take great care of you growing up and you’re happy to return the favour. The good news? The CRA (the Canada Revenue Agency) wants to say “thanks” too. If you’ve got an aging parent or relative living under your roof, you might be eligible for the caregiver amount. It’s one […]

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Sold Your Home This Year? Here’s How it Could Change Your Tax Return

Posted November 22nd 2016

If you packed up and sold your Home Sweet Home (a.k.a. your principal residence), there’s some new things to know when it comes to your taxes. Whether you moved down the street or across the country, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) wants to stay in-the-loop, so you’ll need to report the sale on this year’s […]

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Can I Split My Pension Income?

Posted November 8th 2016

You and your spouse are enjoying your golden years together and share pretty much everything. The CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) recognizes that sharing is caring, so they allow senior couples to split pension income. This can offer you big savings on your tax bill, since you can transfer up to 50 per cent of your […]

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Where’s My Refund at? Find out with My Account.

Posted October 27th 2016

You kept your receipts, organized your slips and basically aced filing your return this year. Now that it’s out of your hands and the CRA’s (Canada Revenue Agency) you can’t help but feel a little out of the loop. You’re anxiously waiting to hear from the CRA, and checking your bank account daily to see […]

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Tax Checklist

Posted October 21st 2016

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I Can Claim This, Right? The Top Tax Myths Busted.

Posted September 28th 2016

Your friends are your go-to for pretty much everything: shopping, eating, whether or not to post that photo…They’ve usually got you covered, but when it comes to taxes, it’s best to get the lowdown from the experts. We’ve heard a lot of tall tales when it comes to filing taxes, so we put together a […]

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Your Cool New Career Starts Here.

Posted September 27th 2016

Registration is now open for H&R Block’s Tax Academy. Are you kind of a numbers person? Into calculators? Or just love helping people? You might want to think about a career as a Tax Expert, where you can help people everyday as they navigate their taxes, and make sure they receive the most back. We […]

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Spend or Save? Get the most out of your tax refund

Posted August 18th 2016

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Spend or save? How to use your Tax Refund.

Posted August 4th 2016

Canadians have lots of options when it comes to their refund, let us explore some ideas to make your refund work best for you. Hoping for a refund or government benefits is one thing many Canadians look forward to when doing their taxes. Knowing a cheque is in the mail is always appealing, and some […]

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