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Making the Most of your Expat Filing

There’s a lot of talk this time of year is about what Canadians need to know heading into tax season.  What about the more than one million Americans living in Canada? As the only western country that taxes its citizens, regardless of where they are living or earning income, the US has strict rules in […]

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What Canadian snowbirds need to know heading into tax season

Every Canadian needs to be informed on their tax filing requirements but the more than 500,000 snowbirds who travel to the U.S. sun-belt each year have additional considerations to keep in mind to avoid unwelcome surprises at tax time. The U.S. and Canada have significantly beefed up their cross-border communications so staying informed to avoid […]

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Dear Tax Pro (January)

Taxes aren’t always an intuitive topic. Every month we will post frequently asked or interesting questions we receive. Here is the January edition of Dear Tax Pro. Q: I worked for two months in the USA and I have a W2, then worked 10 months in Ontario. Do I have to file taxes for both […]

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