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On the Move

Posted February 12th 2016

Let’s face it – moving is the pits. There’s the physical hassle of moving – packing up box after box, trying to stay organized and make sure your child’s favorite toy isn’t lost in the move, to unpacking and suddenly feeling lost in an entirely new space. There’s the administrative hassle – hiring reputable movers, […]

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Should you buy or rent?

Posted April 20th 2015

Over the last few years, some of the biggest real estate markets in Canada have steadily risen which translates into higher and higher prices for smaller and smaller properties. This means many potential first-time homebuyers are posed with the challenge of being able to afford to own a home. It raises an important question: to […]

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Fast condo sales could lead to trouble with the tax man

Posted May 28th 2013

Canadian taxpayers are eligible for the capital gains exemption on their principal residences, but trying to claim a flipped condo as your residence may lead to a tax bill.

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