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Should I expect a T4 slip?

By | Feb-08-2013 | Blog, General Tax

The end of February means T4 slips are due from your employer. T4s are one of the key pieces of paper needed for your tax return. Any slip that begins with a T indicates income, and they all have to be reported.

If you do not receive your T4 in the mail, there may be a few explanations. If you moved and didn’t inform a former employer, the company probably mailed the slip to the wrong address. Fortunately, T4s are listed as part of My Account by the Canada Revenue Agency, so you can access your slips if you sign up.

But you may not receive a slip because the type of work you performed did not require that you receive one. Employers must issue a T4 slip if:

  • they had to deduct income tax, CPP contributions, EI premiums or PPIP premiums from the employee’s wages; or
  • the remuneration was $500 or more.

But not all types of employment are EI insurable. For example, casual employment is not EI insurable if the work does not directly relate to the employer’s usual trade or business. So, if you were hired to clear the snow from the parking lot of a local store, this is considered casual employment. But if you are hired as extra customer service support at the same store for Christmas, then it is subject to EI, CPP and tax withholding, the same as for regular employees, and a T4 slip should be issued.

All employees are subject to the withholding of EI premiums, regardless of age. Unlike income tax or CPP contributions, EI premiums must be withheld from the first dollar of insurable earnings. Even if your pay was less than $500, you should still receive a T4 slip if your income was EI insurable.

If you were considered a self-employed contractor and no source deductions were withheld from your pay, you will not receive a T4. You will be responsible for reporting your income accurately but you can also claim business expenses against it.

Unfortunately, a Record of Employment (ROE) from Service Canada is not the same as a T4 slip and does not have all the information you need for your tax return. An ROE establishes whether you qualify for EI benefits – it is not a tax document.

Even if you do not receive your T4 slip, you are still responsible for reporting all your income from 2012.

And if you miss a T4 or any income, the CRA will notice. All your T slips are matched to your return over the summer via your Social Insurance Number. If you do not include all your T slips, the CRA will reassess your return and you could be looking at a tax bill.

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